Michael Lohan On Why He And Estranged Wife Lost Custody Of 2 Kids

Usually it's Lindsay Lohan who's the one in her family landing in the tabloids ... but earlier this month, it was her dad, Michael Lohan, and his estranged wife, Kate Major-Lohan, who made headlines for losing custody of their two kids. Their boys, Landon, who's almost 3, and Logan, who's 10 months, are currently living with Lohan's mother, who was awarded temporary guardianship after the Florida Department of Children and Families obtained a video showing the couple having an explosive argument in front of the kids.
In an exclusive interview, Lohan tells Dr. Phil what he claims led up to the fight and why it became out of control.
Lohan, who says he's been sober for nearly 11 years, claims he is a fit father and blames his ex. "When Kate's drinking, she's a train wreck," he says. "She lies, she'll manipulate, and she's a danger to the kids and me."
Major-Lohan was scheduled to appear on Dr. Phil but cancelled while the car was waiting to take her to the airport en route to the show taping.
In the video above, Dr. Phil asks Lohan, "What is your understanding about why they took the children from both of you?"
"The reason I was given is because they believe I didn't protect the children from Kate. That was my job," explains Lohan, who claims that he got very angry when he discovered Major-Lohan with the kids when she was drunk. "I lost my temper which was totally wrong. I'm not justifying it at all. And then the argument ensued. They also said that there was domestic violence in front of the kids."
He continues, "I've been going through so much of this for so many years, it gets to the point where sometimes, you just snap. And I did. And that's wrong."
Dr. Phil goes over a list of red flags that investigators look for when they are questioning if parents are fit, pointing out that Lohan's criticism of his ex, lack of insight, and general defensiveness have not served him well in his attempt to get custody of the kids.
Lohan responds, "Dr. Phil, as far as I'm concerned, being a competent father or a good parent is making sure you're kids are happy, they're safe, they have a stable environment, they're provided for, they go to school, they get medical attention, you take care of them, you're not abusive toward them. That's a stable parent. Do I provide that? Absolutely."
What does Dr. Phil suggest Lohan can do to regain custody of the kids? And what should be his next step with his estranged wife? Watch more here.

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