Mom's Plea To 18-Year-Old Who Moved In With Boyfriend After Three Weeks

“Three weeks after Alexis met David on Facebook — and only once in person — Alexis left in the middle of the night to go live with him,” says Gina about her 18-year-old daughter and her daughter's 19-year-old boyfriend. "I believe that David kidnapped Alexis," she says, explaining that David is a survivalist whom she fears has "brainwashed" her daughter. "David has told Alexis her whole entire life was built on lies ... David has made Alexis believe that she was in a dangerous situation when she was living at home. He’s trying to turn Alexis against her whole entire family,” claims Gina.
But Alexis says she chose to leave on her own, and that David is her protector, not her captor. “He’s my soulmate,” says the teen about her boyfriend. “My mom claims that David is the controlling one, but really, she’s the controlling one. My mom controls my phone, my computer, my iPod, where I went, who I would like to hang out with. If she didn’t like them, I was not allowed to hang out with them. I'm old enough to make my own decisions.”
Growing emotional, Alexis says, “My mom has made me feel like I have to choose between family and David, and I don’t think that’s fair.”
Turning to Dr. Phil for help, Gina says through tears, “I miss her so much. I love her, and I just want to make sure she’s safe and not brought down by him.”
In the video above, Gina and Alexis see each other for the first time in weeks. Watch as Gina implores her daughter: "Alexis, you're putting yourself in a situation that's not good. You're not doing anything with your life. You have so many opportunities in life and you're not doing anything with them. You're with someone who's dangerous. He's dangerous. Emotionally, he's very dangerous. I want to see the best for you, and that is why I brought you here. I want you to go to school. I want you to get a driver's license. You don't have a job, Honey ... That's why Dad and I are here. We are here to take care of you."
Hear what David has to say when he faces off with his girlfriend's parents, and find out what Dr. Phil has to say about being an "influencer" when your children are of legal age. Watch more here.
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