How Do You Find Your Personal Year Cycle?

Numerologist Glynis McCants explains how to calculate your personal numbers in preparation for the year ahead:

You take the month and day of your birthdate, and reduce it to one digit. Then you add that number to the World Number, which this year is a 7 (2014=2+0+1+4=7).
A person born on 8/2
You then take the Number 1, and add it to the World Number 7 (1+7=8)
So a person born on 8/2 would be entering an 8 Personal Year Cycle.

If your Personal Year Cycle breaks down to a Master Number 11 or Master Number 22, please refer to the number 2,and the number 4, respectively.
Personal Year Cycle Descriptions:
Personal Year Cycle of 1: This is a year to strive to be Number One at what you do. You will feel a little more motivated than usual, so use this to your advantage.
Personal Year Cycle of 2: This is a year to work on relationships. Trust your gut instinct. It will not fail you in the cycle of 2.
Personal Year Cycle of 3: This is a year to communicate and express yourself creatively.  If you have a business idea that you have wanted to pursue, this is the time to go for it!
Personal Year Cycle of 4: This is a year to seek knowledge and take in new information to improve the quality your life.
Personal Year Cycle of 5: This is a year to travel, have fun and not allow others to  control you.
Personal Year Cycle of 6: This is a year to focus on your family and home environment. It is also a good year for business opportunities and signing new contracts.
Personal Year Cycle of 7: This is a year to get answers to the big questions: “Who am I? What am I? Why am I here?”
Personal Year Cycle of 8: This is a year to work on the financial side of your life, and to avoid unnecessary conflict.
Personal Year Cycle of 9: This is a year to clear your space for new beginnings.  Let go of the past, and be in the moment.

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