Parents Reflect On How Their Daughter - A Former Marine - Became A Heroin Addict

  Bill and Marlena say their daughter Courtney, 30, was once a beautiful, outgoing, energetic, funny girl who decided to join the Marines after 9/11. Now that she's home from the war in Iraq, they say Courtney is fighting a losing battle with drugs, and her life is in jeopardy if she can't conquer her demons imminently.
"When she got out of the Marine Corps is when things went amok," says Marlena in the video above, explaining that Courtney was severely injured during her first tour of duty and then became hooked on prescription pain pills.
Bill, who has been separated from Marlena since Courtney was a baby, adds, "Courtney had a problem after a while getting prescription pain medicine from her doctors, so she eventually turned to heroin." Bill estimates that Courtney has been to detox at least eight times, but says she keeps slipping back into the same pattern.
Watch as Courtney explains why she turned to drugs, how she coped with PTSD, and how being raped while in the military contributed to her downward spiral.
"The problem is her mother and I can't get on the same page about what should be done," he says. "I believe Courtney cannot get better because Marlena enables her."
Marlena admits that she's driven Courtney to buy drugs and has given her money knowing that Courtney would use it for drugs, but says she can't turn her back on her daughter. Desperate for help, she tells Dr. Phil, "I don't know how much longer she has on this earth."
Can Bill and Marlena put their own issues aside and become the united front Courtney needs? Is Courtney ready to face her demons and reveal the secrets she’s been holding inside? Watch more of this episode, "She Was a Model, a Marine, but Now She's a Mess."

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