Can A Relationship Born Out Of Infidelity Last?

Julie says she can't decide between her husband of 13 years, Rich, and her former childhood crush, Lloyd, with whom she's been having an affair for the last year and a half. Watch her story here -- including how she contrasts the passion with her lover to the passion that has "died" with her husband.   When Julie turns to Dr. Phil for help, he shares some eye-opening statistics about marriage. In the video above -- with both men coming together for the first time -- Dr. Phil reveals that the divorce rate in America for first marriages is 35 to 40 percent, for second marriages it's 60 to 65 percent, and for third marriages the failure rate is more than 70 percent.   He adds, "Marriages born out of infidelity, particularly when both people are cheaters, about a 95 percent failure rate." He tells Julie and Lloyd: "So the chance that you two are going to get married, and sail off into the sunset and live happily ever after, not a good shot."   Is Julie prepared to walk away from the affair? Is it too late to make her marriage work? Watch more on here.

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