Teen Describes 'Living Hell' With Couple Now Serving 20 Years In Prison

After police hauled away Jeff and Sandra Weller from their upscale suburban home in Washington where they lived with their six kids, what was discovered behind closed doors was nothing short of a living nightmare. Some of the kids, including Sandra Weller's adopted twins, were brutally beaten with a piece of lumber that was referred to as "the board," the refrigerator was locked to restrict their food, cameras monitored their every move, and they were locked in their rooms with no electricity, according to court documents. The couple was found guilty in 2013 and each of them is serving a 20-year prison sentence.
Now 18 years old, Ian, who is Jeff Weller's biological son, speaks out for the first time and describes what he endured in the video above.
Why do Ian's mom and stepdad say Child Protective Services failed to protect these kids after numerous calls to them? And how will the victims move forward? Watch more here.
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