Taking the Next Step: Shattered in an Instant

Here's what Travis and his family had to say on the show:

"The California 200 is a race that's put on by Mojave Desert Racing. I was out there with my two children, Heather and Jakob. As we were talking with people, a truck went by," recounted Travis.
"My dad told my little brother and his friend to get back a little bit," said 21-year-old Heather.
"It happened so fast. I looked left, and I saw a white flash," Travis said.
"I was hit by the truck as it was flipping, and it threw me through the air and knocked me on the ground," Travis said. "I remember looking up and seeing this truck rolling. It came to a stop upside down on my legs."
"The next thing I remember was feeling gas dripping on me, and my first instinct was to try and get away from it," Heather recalled. "I was underneath the bed of the truck after it flipped. This woman had grabbed me, and it was just utter chaos."
Travis sustained serious injuries as a result of the crash, breaking his neck in three places as well as five ribs. The driver survived the accident, and Travis remembers making eye contact with him as he lay under the truck. "It was like reality came flooding in: 'Oh, my God. Where are my kids?' I went into a panic," he said. "My son, Jakob, found me. He thought I had passed away. He started screaming, 'My dad's dead! My dad's dead!'"

Travis gives an update since the show:

Wow. That is all I can say. As I sit drinking coffee this morning and pondering life, I have to admit it is good to be alive. I don't quite know if I'll ever be capable of showing all my appreciation to so many of you. There have been people who have helped me out in so many ways. I have often thought about karma, and the talk of it all. Sure, I always stop and help strangers, probably because I always tend to view things as, "What would I want if I was them?" In a way, I guess I always help out for the pure self-indulgent fact that it makes me feel good to help others, strangers, no strings attached, no expectation of a returned favor.
We all talk of and think of karma, but how many of us have had the blessing of it walking into our lives, truly? I never did. Until that day ... a day which cast me into the darkest place in my life, to look into the depths of one's own soul and admit to that you are truly scared. I was lost, feeling alone, and so, so scared. I know there are some of you who are reading this who know exactly what I am talking about. You have to live it to fully grasp its cold feel. It is unlike anything one can experience, and for those of us that have walked it, you pray others won't have to follow this path.
As I sat in the middle of my unfamiliar forest, lost, hurt and alone, I could see lights flickering in the distance. I could hear voices but could not find the strength to yell for help, and at times asked myself how anyone could even help if they found me. I couldn't move, but knew within my soul that I had to take the first steps to get help.
Then, the rescuers started to arrive. The posse came out, and did not stop searching until they found me. And when they did, I was concerned if my credit card could afford the debts to which I will owe them for the rescue. Would they help once they found out that I didn't have the funds to repay them for their work? I mumbled that concern, and what I found was a quiet response: "We aren't on the clock, Travis. These are your friends and loved one's volunteering their time for you. They are here because they have chosen to be. Karma called and said you had a lot of credit on the books. God himself called and said he had more work for you and asked his soldiers to go help find you. When you're better, talk to God, and find out what his plans are for you."
Wow, how humbled a person can be to see the true power of love and compassion. There are so many people who have done so very much for me. The Dr. Phil group has done so much for me when I wasn't able to. So, as I sit here, drinking my coffee, looking at the clouds, feeling better every day, reflecting on the past few months, I have come to understand that God is alive and well, and there are numerous folks who are genuine in this world of fast money and quick self-gratification.
I am getting stronger and better each day. Each and every one of you will truly never understand the impact of your support in helping me achieve this goal. Generosity is something we give to others to let them hold it when they need to, then pass it on to someone else when they need it. I can only show my true appreciation by handing it off to someone else, and I thank each one of you for giving me that ball when I was in need. I hope to pay it forward for someone else.


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