Dr. Phil's guests say they're not getting any younger, and the race is on to say "I do." Learn the biggest mistakes women make before walking down the aisle.


Sharon is 48 and says her biological clock is ticking away. She recently got engaged to a man that she acknowledges is flawed, and she says her family doesn't approve of her husband-to-be.


Don't miss Dr. Phil's warning for Sharon. 



Dating Blunders
What goes through a man's mind when he's on a first date and he hears a woman talking about marriage and children? Stephanie, a Dr. Phil staffer, puts four unsuspecting men to the test!


"That was intense. That was a freight train coming at you."




Devastated over Failed Romance
Shea from the reality show Southern Belles: Louisville says that as she was planning her big day, she learned that her fiancé allegedly cheated. Now that the wedding is off, can Shea pick up the pieces and move on?


A dating coach explains the biggest dating mistakes women make.



Too Picky to Land a Man?

Linda, 48, is divorced and childless. Although she admits that she has certain "must-haves" in a potential mate, she wonders if she's being too selective.


"My biggest fear is that I will grow old being alone."

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