You may think you know your loved ones, but could they be hiding a secret that would shock you? Dr. Phil's guests reveal their personal stories about coming to terms with their sexuality and how it affects their loved ones.


Dr. Phil polls the audience about a common relationship surprise: Infidelity. Elizabeth Edwards forgave her politician husband, John, after he cheated and reportedly fathered a child. Would you be able to do the same?


"A Chain Reaction of Honesty"

A high-profile news anchor with a successful 20-year career in television, Jane Valez-Mitchell, had a lot to lose when she decided to stop hiding and reveal her secrets. Her new book, iWant, chronicles her struggles with alcoholism and sexual identity and her triumphs in opening up. Plus, Jane's boyfriend of more than a decade gives insight into their relationship before Jane got honest. 


"I couldn't hide behind a bottle of chardonnay anymore." 



Second Thoughts

Barbara knew she was a lesbian at the age of 13. At 39, she decided to have a child using in vitro fertilization. During her pregnancy, Barbara says she suddenly had sexual urges for men. Her baby is now 5 months old, and Barbara says she is confused about her sexuality for the first time in her life.


What is behind her shift in sexuality? 



Just Another Teen Fad?

Meeka is a mother who was shocked when her 16-year-old daughter claimed to be bisexual. Meeka says she's disgusted and wonders if it's just another teen fad. She joins the show via telephone. 


Could she be harming her daughter by not supporting her sexual identity?

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