From makeup to moustaches, Dr. Phil challenges his guests to take off the things that are preventing them from living their authentic lives.


"I'm Not Me Without Makeup"
Ashley is so afraid to leave the house without makeup that when her husband got burned in an accident, she wouldn't go to the hospital until after she applied her makeup.


"She Looks Like a Hooker"
Sondra is shocked to hear that her friend Richard told Dr. Phil's staff that she wears too much makeup. Dr. Phil challenges her to "take it off" on TV.



Sonja Follow-Up
When Sonja first appeared on the show in the episode "Afraid to Age," she was afraid to smile because she feared it caused wrinkles. What does she think today?



Hats Off!
Jim says he can't accept the fact that he is balding and hasn't allowed anyone to see him without his cap for 20 years. Can Dr. Phil convince him that bald is sexy?



A Ring of Her Own
Lisa wants to take off the wedding rings she inherited so she can put on a ring from her husband " which she hopes to receive for her wedding anniversary!



Moustache Matters
Eric's wife Susan has never seen him without his moustache " but she dreams of kissing him with a clean-shaven face and seeing what he looks like under there!


 Will these guests take it off?


 See Jim's update.

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