Dr. Phil takes on teens caught in disagreements, and his audience helps him by voting: Who is right? Read the stories and then weigh in with your tiebreaker vote!


Critical Dad or Slacker Daughter?
Britt, 18, is an aspiring actress who says her father, Jon, criticizes everything she does. Jon says his daughter needs to work a little harder and not do things halfway. Dr. Phil says this disagreement goes much deeper than they think. Could this dad be driving his daughter away?


"She needs a soft place to fall: You're it." 

Poll: Is Jon too hard on his daughter, Britt?


Teen Parenting Dilemmas
Montana and Zach are married teen parents attending college. Zach, who has a football scholarship, wants his wife to watch their baby after his practice so he can sleep. But Montana says she's exhausted too and wants a break! Whose side is Dr. Phil on? And, the teens also have a question about finances.


"That's the reason you don't get pregnant when you're a teenager!" 


MySpace or HisSpace?
Ashley, 15, is in a disagreement with her father, David, over whether he has the right to her MySpace password. Find out the secrets this teen kept from her dad and why he says he needs to see what she's doing online!


"She's talking with people she doesn't even know." 


Settle This Sibling Squabble!
Aaron, 17, is frustrated with his sister, Tamara, 15, because she borrows his stuff without asking permission " and then returns the items broken or destroyed!


See what happened to Aaron's computer, iPod and camera. 

Future Rock Star
Anthony, 15, disagrees with his mother, Karla, about how he should go about his music career. Karla thinks her talented son, who plays guitar, should play cover songs, rather than his own music, until he establishes a fan base. Anthony just wants to play what he loves.

Hear Anthony play guitar and then vote! 

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