When 16-year-old Becca learned she was pregnant with her boyfriend, Austin’s, baby, she found herself at the center of a bitter battle between her unborn child’s grandmothers. Margie, Becca's mom, insists the baby should live with her so she can help raise her grandchild. Meanwhile, Austin's mother, Debra, is demanding a major role in the child's life, and saying she already feels cut out. Watch as sparks fly when the grandmothers-to-be face off! Can this child be born into a peaceful family — and not a tug-of-war?

What's Best for Becca's Baby?

At just six-months pregnant, Becca says her mother and Austin's mother, Debra, are in a no-holds-barred fight over her unborn child. The teens say their mothers are butting in where they don't belong and tearing their relationship apart. Find out about a moment that Margie says Debra went too far. Plus, were Becca and Austin trying for a baby? And, Dr. Phil does not mince words when he drills down on the adults culpability in this teen pregnancy.

“There’s no way in hell that this baby will be taken away from my daughter.”

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An Unknown Future

Austin says Becca's mom physically assaulted him after finding out her daughter was pregnant — and that he had cheated on her. But Margie has a different version of events. Then, is Becca using blackmail to get her way? And, Margie and Debra face off on the Dr. Phil stage. Plus, why would Becca not put Austin's name on the birth certificate? With so much hostility, can these two families come together for the sake of the baby?

"The drama is beginning to be too much."

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