Sheila says her daughters take their sibling rivalry to the extreme, but the sisters say it's Sheila who has pitted them against one another, and failed as a mother. Will their resentment get the best of them or can Dr. Phil help this fractured family start the healing process?

Reasons for Resentment?

Sisters Tamara, Daria and Shirley discuss their long-standing issues with their mother, Sheila — and each other. Plus, the last time they were all together, it ended in disaster. Will tensions erupt into flying fists again?

“I became so enraged that I just didn’t care anymore. I just wanted her to stop breathing.”

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A Painful Memory

Daria says she has unfinished emotional business with her mother. She says when she was only 14 years old, something horrible happened to her, and her mother failed to act. Learn what transpired. Plus, Dr. Phil drills down on Sheila and gives her a dose of tough love.

"If you want to know what you’re doing wrong, put that on your short list.”

Shirley's Turn

Shirley says that she also has painful memories from her childhood. She says that her mother one day turned violent, and she was left beaten and bruised. Hear Shirley describe the incident. Plus, learn what Dr. Phil believes could be a dangerous cycle. And, can this family move forward and find closure?

“You say that you are sorry, but in the same breath, you seem to justify it.”

Dr. Phil's Final Thoughts
“Families are complex units; it’s called a sociogram. It’s like no other group anywhere in society. Everything that your family does has extra gravity because you’re connected to them, you care about them. But it’s a unit that is worth spending time on and working on.”