Two families desperate to find their missing children are searching for answers and ask Dr. Phil for help.

Finding Baby Bianca

Banicka says the last time she saw her daughter, Bianca, was in November, when they celebrated the toddler's 2nd birthday. According to reports, Bianca was last seen in the back of her father, D'Andre's, car. He says he was carjacked, and she was taken. Could he be involved in her disappearance?

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Why did D'Andre decline to appear on the show? And, will the results of a polygraph test D'Andre reportedly took change Banicka’s opinion about his involvement in Bianca's disappearance?

Dr. Phil reviews the reported timeline of events surrounding Bianca’s disappearance. And, Banicka’s sister, Kelly, weighs in.

“You seem in denial to me.”


Recently, Bianca’s father, D’Andre Lane, was charged with first-degree felony murder and first-degree child abuse. If convicted of murder, he could face life in prison without parole. Bianca’s mother is still holding out hope that her daughter will be found alive.

If you have any information about baby Bianca, please call: (800) SPEAK-UP, (800) 773-2587.

Missing for Five Years

Josh hasn’t seen his son, Trenton, since he vanished more than five years ago. At the time, Josh and his estranged wife, Melinda, were fighting a custody battle, and the 2-year-old was in her care. One week after the disappearance, Melinda committed suicide. Josh says Melinda's parents, Beth and Jerry, knew their daughter was unstable but never got her the help that she needed. Josh and his mother, Carla, meet them for the first time and face off on Dr. Phil’s stage.

“She was bound and determined to have it her way or no way at all.”

Josh says Melinda's parents, Beth and Jerry, are working against him to find his son. And, why didn't Beth and Jerry ever meet their grandson?

“We did not neglect her.”

 Did Melinda take answers about Trenton’s whereabouts with her to the grave?

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Trenton Duckett, please call (800) THE-LOST, (800) 843-5678.