Tragically, reports say there were more mass shootings in the US in 2015 than days in the year. Karen says she fears her 23-year old son, Andrew, who she says has a history of mental illness, could walk into a school or store and murder innocent people. She says even right now she worries he could be contemplating committing a mass murder. In May 2013, Karen says her son stole several of her guns from a safe. She called the police, and several schools in the area were put on lock down.  

Karen claims she is so frightened of her own son, she and her partner, Kaye, both got concealed weapons permits and carry guns in their purses for protection. Karen says she’s often in fear of Andrew, and claims that he studies the behaviors of terrorists and killers to the point that he idolizes them. Karen says she has even seen Andrew dress up “like the Columbine shooters”, and that he says he empathizes with these killers, and claims he says he sometimes wants to take the lives of innocent people so that  others will feel his pain.

Karen admits that just going to the police may be a start, but fears that sending him to prison will make him worse, and she insists that there has to be other ways to help her son before something horrible happens. Can Dr. Phil provide insight to get Andrew’s family the help they so desperately need?

Then, loved ones honor and remember victims of the San Bernardino shootings.

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