Dr. Phil and Robin continue to work with four women struggling to let go of their anger, hurt and fear after their husbands walked out. Catch up on what you missed in Part 1.



Woman to Woman

Robin speaks with the women about their first day of the retreat, while Dr. Phil observes from backstage.   


Making progress.



Emotional Shackle

Holly hasn't taken off her wedding ring in 25 years. Can Dr. Phil and Robin convince her to be free from the symbol of her painful past?  


A new beginning.



Taking a Stand

After 27 years of marriage, Donna finally stands up for herself. Dr. Phil shows her just how strong she can be!  


Donna pushes back.



Getting Her Power Back

Pam lost her identity in her marriage. After wasting 32 years, she's finally ready to put herself first. 


Getting back in the game.



Loving Herself As Is

Heidi discovers what is at the root of her fear of being alone.  Can she learn to be her own best friend? 


"I am good enough for myself."



"The Gifts I See in You"

The retreat ends with a positive affirmation exercise. Then, the women share how they feel after all their hard work. 


"Today is a new day."



Final Thoughts

"Never invest more in a relationship then you can afford to lose," says Dr. Phil. "If you lose yourself, if you stop being who you are to be part of something else, that's not OK. You can't stop being you because you start being half of a couple."

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