On November 14, 2015, 2-year-old Noah had a massive seizure where he was found to have a subdural hematoma, brain swelling and retinal hemorrhages – symptoms medically associated with shaken baby syndrome.

After authorities ruled out other possible suspects, Noah’s mother, Kayla, was charged with felony child abuse and could face prison time, as well as termination of her parental rights. She says there is no way that she abused her son and she claims that his injuries must be a result of a fall at a playground five days prior to his seizure.

Kayla’s mother, Dawn, who currently has temporary guardianship of Noah, says that Kayla is absolutely innocent. She also claims the court proceedings have turned into a witch hunt with no one willing to listen to what she says is proof that Kayla did not abuse her son.

Noah’s father, Andrew, admits he hasn’t been in his son’s life since birth but finally saw his son in rehabilitation after the seizure, and says he had an instant connection. Andrew and his sister, Allison, say that not only do they think Kayla is lying, but they say they suspect Dawn is letting Kayla see Noah as much as she wants -- despite the court allowing only weekly, supervised two-hour visits. Andrew and Allison say Noah should be with his biological father and not his grandmother.

Can Kayla clear her name with the help of Dr. Phil?

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