1000 Celebration Continues! 1001!: Robin

Devoted Wife?
"I just want to give a special thanks, again, today, to my wife, Robin, who has been right
there, sat right in that seat for all 1,000 shows," Dr. Phil says.

Robin interrupts Dr. Phil saying, "Honey, I'm sorry. I have a bit of a confession to
make. I mean, every show. Who could do that?" She plays a video for Dr. Phil.

On the video, Dr. Phil walks onstage to begin his show and waves to Robin. After he is speaking for a few minutes, Robin gets up from her seat and places a cardboard cutout of herself in her chair.

She heads out of the studio and enters Jay Leno's set, just as Jay begins his monologue. Jay gives Robin a wave, similar to the one Dr. Phil gives Robin every day.

After checking her watch, Robin leaves Jay's studio, and returns to her husband's stage, just as the show is ending. She walks off with Dr. Phil and tells him, "Very good show today, Honey."


As the tape ends, Dr. Phil smiles and says to Robin, "You're real smart. Aren't you?"


"Wasn't that cute?" Robin asks.