17 and Out of Control: Courtney

“I’m Crazy When I’m Angryâ€
Seventeen-year-old Courtney is proud of her unruly behavior. "One time, I bullied a little geek. I just bullied her every day, so badly. I just said such mean things to her. I would just call her ugly and fat. She was already self-conscious," she says. "She would, like, cry every day. She would just stop coming to class and stuff because of me. She dropped out. I was like, ‘Damn, that bitch left.’"

Courtney also admits to harassing a boy. "He’s, like, disabled, or whatever. He was just so annoying. He would just keep repeating himself. He would say my teacher’s name over, and over, and over again. I would go up to his face, and I would be like, ‘Shut the * up,'" she recalls. "I duct taped his mouth. It just pissed me off. I hate when people don’t listen to me."

Dr. Phil confronts Courtney about her behavior.

[AD]Dr. Phil lists some of Courtney’s appalling acts. In junior high, she bit her principal on the arm, and she called 911 at school saying that her teacher was attacking her. In high school, she was caught drunk in the street by the police, she punched her mother in the face, and she threatened to cut her mom’s throat and tongue out. She also threatened to burn the house down and to kill her family while they slept.

“These are your people. If you are disloyal to your own family, you must have no loyalty to anyone,” Dr. Phil says.

“Probably not,” she replies.

Dr. Phil lists more of Courtney's infractions. She was expelled from public high school and sent to alternative school; she stole $5,000 in cash and jewelry from her parents, which she says she used to get drunk, buy clothes and do drugs; she punched the school principal in the face because he woke her up while she slept on a desk; she got arrested, and she bit a police officer on the leg and destroyed her front yard after her parents painted her room the wrong color.

“You have no respect for authority at all,” Dr. Phil says.

“No,” she agrees.

“How’s all this working for you?” Dr. Phil asks.

“Pretty good,” she replies.

[AD]“People kowtow to you — they let you do what you want to do — because you’ll raise so much hell, they know it’s easier to give in,” Dr. Phil says.

“Well, yeah,” Courtney says.

Dr. Phil wants to know why Courtney has come on the show.

“Because I’m failing school, and my parents are so over-the-top with me because of my attitude, I guess, and my anger,” she reveals.