A Family Affair, Part 2: DrPhil.com Exclusive
Dr. Phil continues to take an in-depth look into the aftermath of an affair.
After the show, Dr. Phil returns to the stage.
He tells Ed: "I came here today prepared with a whole raft of things that I wanted to talk to you about with regard to what you have to do. We'll get to them next time, if there is a next time. You'll either come back here or you won't. If you do, I have a lot to say to you both as individuals. But most importantly, I have a lot to say to you as a couple.

"It's hard to do fire prevention when the house is ablaze. We're fighting an ongoing fire. That's why I said to you it isn't willpower. You have to say, 'I can't trust my heart. What I have to do is rely on my intellect. What I have to do is what logic tells me is right.' I've been doing this a long time. You've got to get that woman out of your life. You've got to get her out of there. This is an addiction. You're addicted to this woman, this relationship. You need to get her out of your life. And it's a really simple thing. People ask, 'What is cheating and what isn't?' If you wouldn't do it with your wife standing there, that's cheating."
He tells Kandi, "He's going to have to have contact with her. She's pregnant with his child. He can't be irresponsible to not take care of that child. So you have to make that decision about whether you can resolve to be part of that or not. And if you can resolve to be part of that, where there is no relationship between them that you don't know about, then that can get redefined. And in the meantime, this marriage can get healed. It can get rebuilt and resolved. And as the marriage gets back to being healthy again, she becomes less and less relevant."