A Family Divided: After the Confession: The ride home

Erin's Reaction
Erin and the girls react to Marty's confession, and Marty gets to tell his side.

On the last show, Marty's confession about seeing a former mistress left his family shocked and disgusted. Our cameras kept rolling and followed
Katherine, Alex and Erin as they made their way to the airport ... without Marty.

"I don't see where there's going to be a lot of repair at this point," says Erin. "I can't let Katherine and Alexandra be exposed to that anymore. At some point, I have to draw the line and say, 'Enough is enough,' and I think the line

has been drawn."

Alex says, "I'm not surprised that my dad's an idiot. He made bad choices. I'm just really angry."

An angry Marty storms out of the studio and refuses to cooperate with Julie, one of the show's producers. "Somebody was going to tell Erin," Julie explains, "so Dr. Phil felt it was best ""

Marty cuts her off. "F**k Dr. Phil and you guys both," he says.

Julie calls Erin on her cell phone to warn her that Marty is extremely upset. Erin replies, "He's not pissed because of what he did; he's pissed because he got busted. Marty's not a smart liar." Erin

is concerned about Marty's temper. "You saw how he was with Alexandra and Katherine. I can't leave them alone with him because I knew he would be furious."

When Julie informs Erin that Marty wants to return to their house, Erin protests, "I don't want him coming home. You need to tell him no matter what happens, he cannot come home tonight."

After a private, hour-long meeting with Dr. Phil, Marty goes to his hotel and reflects on the outcome of his confession.

"I feel like it's totally blown all out of proportion," he says. "Dr. Phil was asking me if I had been true and honest and told Erin everything. I sat there so dumbfounded ... I finally thought of something that happened three months ago where I ran into this woman that I had a relationship with over two and a half years ago. I have no control over that. We live in a small community ...

"I should have told [Erin] up front, but I was scared to hell. I didn't know what was going to happen, that she would freak out. I just blew it off, I guess. I'm sad that I got caught in a lie ... I want my kids to know there's nothing going on. I don't really know what else to say other than 'I'm sorry. Please forgive me.' I feel sad that my kids say that they were scared of me. That really blows me away because I've never really in any way harmed my children physically ...

"When I go home and see the girls ... I'm going to confront them, and tell them that I'm sorry for what happened ... Like Dr. Phil says, 'Address it, say you're sorry and move on.' I want my marriage to work with my wife, and build a strong, secure relationship with my girls. I am in this thing for the long haul, and I really want this thing to work out."