A Family Divided: Alexandra's Journey: Alex's Life

Life as a Teen Mom
Alexandra has her baby and the family reacts!
Alex attends a school for pregnant teens and new moms. She has made a lot of new friends who share their experiences as teenage moms.

Sarah, who was pregnant at 13, says, "Coming [here] has helped so much, meeting friends who are going through the same thing."

Chris [pictured above] was 15 when she had her daughter. She is tearfully grateful for all the help that her parents have given her. "My parents help me out a lot with the baby financially, they do everything," she says. "I shouldn't have had sex when I so young, but I did and I made a mistake."

In an oral report, Alex says, "In my life, I need to feel loved and accepted, and to achieve this I need friends and family, and to be cared for I must care for others and I must be healthy to support my son..."

Dr. Phil asks Alex where she would be without all the help from her parents and school.

"I don't even know where I'd be without my school and my family," she says.

After hearing Alex's story, Dr. Phil asks Stephanie in which direction she's leaning about her baby's future.

"I'm not really leaning toward any way right now," she says.

Erin offers her advice to Stephanie's mom: "You really need to make a conscious choice not to step in and take care of Stephanie's baby."

Alex recalls how things change after a baby. "Since I had Nathan it's hard to relate to my old friends because in a normal 15-year-old girl's mind, the biggest thing she worries about is what color her nails are, and for me it's that Nathan hasn't pooped in three days."

To show the contrast between Alex's life and another teen who's not a mother, Katherine shares what her everyday concerns are.

"Right now it's about my best friend and my boyfriend and about riding my horse and about what grade I'm getting in school..." she says.

Dr. Phil then asks Stephanie what she wants with the next few years of her life.

"I definitely want to finish college, it's a hard decision, I don't know if I can fully say that I'm willing to drop everything," she says.

Alex tells Stephanie: "Until you're ready to completely devote your entire life for the next 18 years to someone, you really need to consider all your options because you want to make sure that the baby is number one."

"I hate when we see children having to deal with adult decisions,"
Dr. Phil says.