A Family Divided: Alexandra's Journey: Stephanie

Pregnant and Confused
Alexandra discusses the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy.
Stephanie, 18, broke up with her boyfriend because he often became violently angry. A week later, she found out she was pregnant.

"He was the first guy I ever slept with. I had a 3.5 GPA, I didn't think this would ever happen to me," she says.

Intially, Stephanie was considering keeping and raising her baby, but after watching "The Dr. Phil Family," she realized that other families might be able to take care of her baby as well " if not better " than she could herself.

Stephanie's mom, Linda, has said that she wants Stephanie to keep the baby and get back together with her boyfriend if he works out his anger problems.

Today, Stephanie is still confused. "My heart tells me 100 percent to keep the baby, but my head tells me that I'm still a teenager living at home, not even taking care of myself."

Dr. Phil tells Stephanie: "If that boy is hitting you, it's a drop-dead deal breaker. No compromise, no wiggle. If he's hitting you, he needs to be history."

To Linda he asks, "Are you supportive of her getting back with this young man?"

"I never heard that he hit her until three minutes ago," she says.

"What questions do you have for Alex?" Dr. Phil asks Stephanie.

"How did you decide that you wanted to keep the baby at such a young age?" she asks.

"I was definitely debating whether to place the baby for adoption or keep him, so I asked myself conscious questions like, 'Would I be able to support my child and myself and would I be able to finish high school and college while being a mom?" she says. "I also asked myself, if I place my baby for adoption, would I be able to wake up every morning knowing I did the right thing?"

Dr. Phil then asks Alex's 13-year-old sister Katherine, "How does this look for a young woman who doesn't have to make this choice? What do you think about the sacrifices you'd have to make if you had the baby?"

"If I kept the baby, my sacrifices would probably be that I'd never be able to go out with my best friend and I'd have to go to a different school and I'd have to look at different goals in my life," she replies.

"Would you choose to trade your teenage years to become a young mother?" Dr. Phil asks Katherine.

"That's a really difficult question because I've never had the experience of knowing what it's like to love a baby and I don't know if I'd be able to raise a baby," she says.

Turning back to Stephanie, Dr. Phil asks her how being adopted has affected her life. "Have you had a good life?"

"I've had a good life, I was lucky to have a good family that is really supportive," she says.