A Family Divided: Marty and Erin's Marriage

A Difficult Assignment
Dr. Phil goes one-on-one with Marty and Erin.
Dr. Phil gives Erin a homework assignment: to tell Marty exactly how his affairs affected her.

"You have trampled my heart," she tearfully tells Marty. "My heart has been crushed, crushed, crushed!"

Erin continues: "You didn't think about what was best for your marriage, you thought about what was best for you right then and there. My hurt has turned into full on rage. It has eaten up my heart and it is black and it is hard."

She then asks Marty to think about how he would feel if she cheated on him. "Think about me with another man," Erin says. "I want you to visualize that Marty because it is something that I have never done. I made a commitment when I got married and I believed in that commitment and that's why I am still here now. But you went and blew it!"

Marty responds: "I know I've hurt you really bad. All I can do is try to salvage our marriage. I truly understand my actions."

Dr. Phil later asks Marty, "What did you hear and feel her telling you?"

"I just really broke her heart and I didn't care about anyone but myself," he answers.

"Tell me what you think this did to her," Dr. Phil continues. "Tell me what you think she said to herself."

"She probably said, 'Is it me? What's wrong with me?'" Marty replies.

Turning to Erin, Dr. Phil asks, "What did it do to the way you feel about you in your heart?"

"I just felt like I was a failure," Erin says. "It confirmed in my mind that I really wasn't worth it."

Dr. Phil recounts Erin's troubled past, noting that she was abused at 10 years old and that her mom abandoned her at 12. "She then has the good fortune of marrying your happy ass," he tells Marty.

Dr. Phil then has Marty face Erin and encourages him to tell her, "I have insulted you, I have hurt you ... I have taken away your dignity and respect..."

Marty tells Erin tearfully: "I want you to know from this day forward that I will be there for you for the rest of your life. I do love you. I really do. I am really truly sorry for what I've put you through."