A Family Divided Part 10

A Family Divided Part 10
Viewers ask the members of "A Family Divided" their most pressing questions."
Lynn is a mother of two who disagrees with Alexandra's choice to keep baby Nathan.

"I think it is absolutely ridiculous that Alex would keep a baby that she can provide nothing for. Alex did what was best for her, not what was best for the baby," she says.

Lynn tells Alexandra: "You have nothing, therefore you can offer nothing. Love is not enough."

Alex replies: "I find it really annoying that you think you know what's better for my child than I do and I feel sorry that you think love is a crock. Love is important. And I plan on getting a job and having money."
"She's not old enough to get a job," Lynn tells Dr. Phil about Alex. "She can't provide a house for him and she's put all that burden on her parents and it's not their responsibility."

Lynn then tells Dr. Phil that she had her first baby when she was 18.

"How were you qualified to have a child at 18?" he asks her.

"We planned our child," she says. "We were together for a long time, we had wonderful jobs and a stable home."

"If you came to me and said, 'I'm 18 and I'm ready to have a baby,' I would have said you were nuts," Dr. Phil tells Lynn.

Kathy is a viewer who thinks that Alexandra should stop badmouthing Nathan's father.

"The baby does not need your dirt," she says. "You can't allow your feelings to get in the way of Nathan's relationship with his dad. He needs to create his own opinions about his father. "

Alex tells Kathy, "I don't think you quite understand the entire situation. I've known Nathan's dad for a year and a half and I think he is a good person, but some of the things he does I'm not OK with. I don't think I've been badmouthing him, I think I've been saying facts. I want Nathan to be in his father's life and for his father to be in Nathan's life."

Dr. Phil joins the discussion, reminding Kathy that he told Alexandra: "You want everyone who can be a support system for this baby to have a good relationship, and if you act now to alienate the baby from his biological father, the baby will resent you for creating a fissure with the paternal side of this equation."