A Family Divided Part 8

A Family Divided Part 8
Alexandra has her baby and the family reacts!
The father of the baby and his parents demanded a DNA test to ensure the father's paternity. Alexandra and her family were insulted by the insinuation that she slept with other boys, but followed through with the test, which proves that he is indeed the father.

Determined to get both sides of the story, Dr. Phil asked the father of the baby and his parents to come on the show. They declined, but the paternal grandmother agreed to talk to Dr. Phil via telephone. Following is an excerpt from their conversation:

"You don't know what we've been through," she tells Dr. Phil. "My son's a good boy, but not when he's around them [Alexandra and her family].

"You are not the enemy here," Dr. Phil tells her.

"Yes we are," she interrupts. "They treat us like the enemy ... and they don't love that baby, their house doesn't have love."

"I absolutely do not think that your son is an evil person," Dr. Phil tells the paternal grandmother. "I want you to know that I think it is critically important that Nathan have a relationship with his father."

"It is a lot of mental stress for a little 15-year-old kid," says the paternal grandmother.

"Tell me why you sent your son to military school," Dr. Phil says.

"He was hanging around with the wrong crowd," she says.

"Is he in fact on drugs?" Dr. Phil asks.

"He's smoked pot, but he only did it one time," she says. "And smoking pot does not make him a bad person."

Dr. Phil tells both families: "Whether you like it or not, you are stuck with each other for the next 18 years, so what we need to do is to try to find a way for everyone to get along."

"We're going to fight for part custody of that baby," Nathan's paternal grandmother says.

Alexandra reacts strongly to the paternal grandmother's thoughts.

"Of course she's not going to know that her son does drugs or drinks," she says. "No teenager in his right mind would tell their parents ... but he calls me and tells me these things and I don't feel comfortable leaving our son with him when he is under the influence of drugs or anything else."

"He would never be under the influence," argues the paternal grandmother. "He's not that kind of person."

"But if he's done it before, he'll do it again," says Alexandra.

"He would never come in front of his child like that," the grandmother tells Alexandra. "You act like he's smoking and drinking all the time. I've never seen him drink but one or two times."

Dr. Phil then consults with a lawyer about the brewing feud between the two families.

"I'm trying to tell this family that they need to put together some sort of constructive plan so this child can have a relationship with his father," Dr. Phil tells the lawyer.

"The state of Florida wants every child to have a strong relationship with his or her parents," the lawyer says. "In 99.9 percent of the cases, the court is going to mandate that and what I'm hearing from the two families is that they both want the child to have a relationship with his father. They are very close to that. They have to set aside their personal feelings."

Dr. Phil then asks the lawyer, "This is something that you deal with every day, and I'm curious if you agree with me that the best thing that can happen here is for these families to work out the boundaries, the standards, the conditions of all of this and then have it memorialized in an agreement with the court?"

"Absolutely," says the lawyer.