A Family Divided: The Real Marty: Erin

Erin's Turn
Dr. Phil talks with Marty about his honesty and his relationships with his wife and daughters.
Erin explains that after trying for months to make their marriage work, she is still fed up with Marty because he doesn't get what she has been telling him. "He still does not treat me with respect. He hides things from me," she says. Recently, for example, Marty cashed a check of hers without telling her that it had arrived. "When I found out this had happened, I was totally devastated. I am asking that we can sit down and be honest with each other, and that does not happen in this marriage."

She has said in previous shows that all she wants from Marty is for him to be honest with her, and he still isn't. Even though he has apologized, cried, and written letters to her, nothing has changed. "They don't mean a thing to me until he makes a change emotionally, and he has not made that change," Erin says.

"You recently spoke to him about being a man in the house; well Marty sees that as the opportunity to be a drill sergeant," Erin tells Dr. Phil. She describes Marty as a passive-aggressive bully and a control freak. "If he doesn't get his way he will have a full-on tantrum. My greatest fear is that if I divorce Marty, he will go into all-out emotional warfare."

"I worry so much about Nathan being exposed to all this. It just terrifies me," Erin says.

"If I could leave my job today and spend it with my children, which I think they need me 100 percent, I would," Erin says. She describes her guilt for making her daughters suffer through her unstable marriage. "Unfortunately, I should have left Marty a long time ago, and my children paid for that. They paid for that, and I'm sorry that they had to pay."

She concludes her diary saying through tears, "I know that things seem like they're going well, but they're really not going well Dr. Phil. I am very unhappy."

In the studio, Marty responds to what he has just heard Erin say. "It blows me away. Two weeks ago they were praising me, how great I was doing, how much better I'm doing."