A Family Divided: What Lies Ahead?: Alex

Alex and Sex
Dr. Phil talks to Alex about boys and sex, and to Erin about her short temper.
Even though Alex has her hands full with Nathan, the 16-year-old is still interested in boys and having a social life. After reminding Erin and Alex about their fight in the Cayman Islands when Alex wandered off with a boy she had just met, Dr. Phil asks, "What is it going to take to change this dynamic between everybody here?"

"Trust," Alex replies.

"Are you trustworthy?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes," she answers.

Dr. Phil reminds Alex that on a previous show, she denied having sex after Nathan's birth, but she was lying to his face.

"Everybody makes mistakes," Alex says.

"You said one thing that you had learned from being here all of this time was that you should just as well be honest. It's best to deal with it right up front. Do you really believe that?" Dr. Phil asks.

Alex nods, and tells Dr. Phil that she is now being truthful.
Dr. Phil turns to Erin to take a closer look at how she responds when her family is forthright. "One of the things you say is, 'I want people to be honest with me,'" he tells her, saying that she gets on a "moral high-ground pedestal," and accuses others of not telling the truth. "When they do, you just give them hell ... When they come and tell you the truth or you find the truth out, and you just go nuts, then people aren't going to want to talk to you. What do we do to change that?" he asks.

"I would say that when we were in the Cayman Islands, and I really blew up with Alexandra, I really made it a point not to do that again," Erin responds. "It just was so horrible."

Dr. Phil confirms with Alex and Katherine that when Marty and Erin lose their temper, the yelling does not motivate them or inspire change. In fact, the girls withdraw and the communication breaks altogether.

"What I'm trying to tell you guys is, do you have the right to do that?" Dr. Phil says to Marty and Erin. "Sure, you're the parents. You've got the right ... But it's the question I ask a lot of people: How's that working for you? Is it getting you what you want or are you just venting your frustration and anger and shutting down communication?"