A Family Divided: What Lies Ahead?: Summer Plan

Moving Forward
Dr. Phil talks to the family about their summer plans and his rhythm of life theory.

"You came on and opened your lives to America, which took a lot of courage and a lot of giving," Dr. Phil tells the family. "Has it been worth the journey?"

Crying, Erin replies, "Very much so. It really has been worth the journey. It's been really hard, and there's times where I just wanted to quit and I've just been like, 'The heck with you, Dr. Phil. You're too hard.' You've made, especially me, really start pointing that finger back and peeling back my layers. Because I came on this show with the full intent of fixing everybody else ... It's really changed who I am, completely, and I'm so thankful."

When Dr. Phil asks what Marty thinks, he replies tearfully, "I just wouldn't know where to start. I love you. Thank you for everything."

"How about you guys?" Dr. Phil asks Alex and Katherine.

"I look back, and I notice how much I've changed," Katherine says. "And it's kind of like I'm a new person now. I've shed my skin, and I'm starting fresh ... I think it's really cool."

Alex says, "I've definitely seen the light, and a lot of doors of opportunities have been opened for me and I appreciate it."
Dr. Phil discusses his summer plan with the family. "I want you to spend the summer being totally focused on being the best person that you can be, and waking up every morning and asking yourselves, 'What can I do today to make my family better? What can I do today to introduce something positive into this home and into this life?' ... I want you to find that rhythm that is you, and that rhythm that is your family."

He also says that he will provide counselors in their hometown to work with them.