A Family in Crisis: Michael Leaves Home

After the Show
After the show with Chris and Stacy's marital woes and problems with new pregnancy.
After the show, Dr. Phil answers questions from the audience. One woman shares her views about Stacy. "I find her so unlikable, I don't know how you're going to turn it around. It's sad," she says.

"Well, she probably wouldn't like you either," Dr. Phil responds as the audience laughs. "Truthfully, it's different strokes for different folks. I just don't believe there is anybody in America that doesn't deserve help."

As Stacy sits in the audience crying, Dr. Phil says, "I think everybody deserves information and input and help, and right now, I think these guys certainly do ... I am absolutely, absolutely committed to getting through to everybody here in this family and starting to make some moves in a positive direction. I just refuse to give up. The steeper the hill, the more I want to climb it. I'm going to do it."
Another woman speaks up: "In addition to the financial help and the marital help, are you helping them learn better parenting skills so that the other children in the family don't end up as conflicted as Michael was?"

"The first thing I do is deal with the most critical issues first, and that is survival," explains Dr. Phil. "I immediately see two threats that are looming more than anything else. Number one is financial, because they acknowledge that they are on the brink of collapse. Then I saw Michael, who I believe was absolutely at risk and needed a real structured environment that was loving and caring. I said those are the first two things we have to deal with: Come up with some financial thinking, and get Michael to a place that is safe and nurturing and gives him a chance to do well and grow up to become a productive young man."

A woman in the audience comes to Stacy's defense by pointing out that while Dr. Phil's work with the family is extensive, viewers don't always get to know the whole person.

Dr. Phil remarks, "I appreciate you saying that. I have focused on those things, Stacy, because when I come in, I do a risk assessment. I want to identify what is broken. I look at this not as a sprint but as a marathon. People are going to get to know you top, side and bottom. They're going to know your best qualities, your worst qualities, and everything in between. Some people aren't going to like you sometimes; they're going to like you other times. Same thing with you," he says, pointing to Chris.

"Every single one of us has a personal truth that we believe about ourselves when nobody else is looking and nobody else is listening," continues Dr. Phil. "I think in this life, we generate the results that we believe we deserve. You can't hide the personal truth. I know there are a lot of things that have to change with you guys because I think you're generating the results you think you deserve. I think you deserve a lot more than that, but that means you have to change from the inside out."