A Killer Among Us?: Amanda and Chris

A Killer Among Us?: Amanda and Chris

"I am scared of dying at the hands of my husband. Chris has threatened to kill me. He said, ‘I'm going to bury your body in the woods where no one can

find you,'" says Amanda, who has been married for two years. "When Chris is in a rage, all hell breaks loose."


"I have broken light switches, remotes, and a coffee table that I smashed into pieces," Chris says. Pointing to the damage to his house, he explains, "This was the last door that I kicked off. I busted the piece off. I cracked the molding right there. She locked me out of the bedroom, and I kicked that door down."


Amanda adds that Chris has broken blinds in their house and toys belonging to their 2-year-old daughter, Brookelyn. "When Chris is angry at me, he is red in the face. His eyes are bulging out at me," she says. One time, she recalls, "He put his hands around my neck and tried to choke me."  


"I don't remember trying to squeeze the life out of her, but I do remember grabbing her by the throat, you know, kind of like, ‘You better shut up now, or I'm going to squeeze,'" Chris admits. "You can't control that kind of rage. I can't."


Amanda remembers a time Chris was aggressive with her while she was pregnant. "Chris and I got into an argument. I thought by getting into the back of his truck that I would stop him. He took off with me in his truck," she shares.


"I was going so fast that the right front wheel actually came up off the ground. I almost rolled that truck off that road that day with her in the back of the truck," Chris remembers. "I will never forget that day that I almost killed her."

Chris and Amanda's relationship moved fast in the beginning. Shortly after they met, she became pregnant and moved in with him. "It

turned south pretty quickly," Chris reveals.


"We got married for all the wrong reasons," Amanda laments.


"Three months after their marriage, Chris became extremely aggressive," says Debby, Amanda's mother.


"He went on a rampage. He put a hole through the wall with his foot. He broke a chair into piec

es," Amanda recalls. "I had Brookelyn in my arms, and he slapped me across the face. I left and then called the police."


"I got to the point where I felt like I had no other choice but to slap her to get her to shut up, you know, and see it my way," Chris explains. "I got mad. I got really mad. I was like, ‘How dare she call the police on me for slapping her?'"


Cheryl, Chris' mom says, "I felt ashamed when he was arrested, but I also wondered, what was it that got him to that point?"


Amanda moved out and moved in with Chris' parents for a few months but left because Chris s

ays he begged her to come back, and Cheryl urged her to reunite the family. "I thought they should get back together for Brookelyn's sake. She needs her mom and dad together," Cheryl explains.


"I always come back to him. He tells me that things are going to be different, but they always go back to the same," Amanda says. "When I see stories on the news of these women being murdered by their husbands, I feel that that could be me next."

Chris recognizes he needs to change. "I still have urges, or bad compulsive behaviors, and it's not that I choose to be a wife beater," he says. "Everybody has their breaking point. I don't care how cool and calm you think you are. Everybody has their breaking point."


Dr. Phil addresses Chris. "You don't trust yourself at this point. Do you?" he asks.

"Of course, I don't want anything to happen like that, ever," he says, "but I do believe, you beat a dog with a stick long enough, he's going to bite you."

"Are you the dog?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Sometimes, I feel like the dog," Chris says.

"How are you going to bite somebody?" Dr. Phil probes.

"Grab, slap, choke, push," he says.


"You didn't come here to get help or change this. You came here to justify it. Is that it?" Dr. Phil asks.


"No, no," Chris says.

"She has said that you have said that you would bury her in the woods where nobody would find her," Dr. Phil tells Chris.

"I said something threatening like that to the victim of my assault and battery, back in '02," he clarifies. "I don't believe I said that straight to her."


"Did you say, ‘I just want to bash your face'?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I've said that," Chris admits.

"Did you say that [when] you grabbed her arm you just wanted to crush the bone?"

"Violently. I've said that."

Dr. Phil repeats another statement Chris made. "'The only way to get Amanda to bow down was to slap her. It was just a "shut-up-bitch" slap,'" he says.

"I felt that way. Yes, sir," he says.

Turning to Amanda, Dr. Phil asks, "Why are you there? Why are you subjecting yourself to this?"

"My daughter, Brookelyn," she says. "She's the only reason I am there."

"You think you're protecting her by staying there to expose her to this violent presence in your home?" Dr. Phil probes.

"No. It's that I hear from his mom that we need to be together for her sake," she says.