A Teen's Pregnancy: Jody

The Adoption Process

"Having the baby doesn't really make me nervous right now," Brittney says, as they wait for Jody's child to be born.

"It's really hard for me to see these babies. I just want to cuddle them up and take them home," Kelly shares. Fighting back tears, she continues, "It's hard for me to imagine that somebody wants to take them away from me. Knowing that there's a baby to be born in my family, it's hard to know it may not be here."

"The difference between me and my mom is she cries a lot, and I don't," says a smiling Brittney.

After three hours of waiting, Jody updates Brittney and Kelly on the condition of the delivering mom. "She has started to dilate. When she got here she was a one. Now she's a two, so she's getting better," she says.

[AD]Hours into the birth mother's labor, Jody learns that the girl changed her mind and wants to hold the baby after delivery. "Originally, she didn't want to hold him. She didn't want to see him. We were going to have him in a separate room, just our family and him," Jody explains. "She has decided to go ahead and hold him when he's born and get some bonding time in with him. It's hard."

Later that night, the birth mother decides to stick with the original plan and not hold the baby.

The next morning, Brittney and her mother return to the hospital. "My mom is being a bitch this morning," Brittney says. "She went to bed a little earlier than I did, and I was staying up, like, watching TV because I couldn't fall asleep."

"She kept me up all night," Kelly says.

"She got up, like, two hours after I fell asleep, to get up, and take a shower and do her hair and stuff. I guess she expected me to do the same," Brittney says. "She was yelling at me because I didn't get up when she did."

"I felt that she was being very disrespectful," Kelly says.

[AD]Brittney shares what she wants from her mom. "The thing that my mom could do that would, like, help me the most would be to just kind of, like, let me do my own thing," she says.

"Things are extremely emotional for Brittney today," Kelly shares, adding that after a conversation they had, Brittney started crying and caused a scene. "She's decided to take it out on me, I guess. She's very angry at me, she won't talk to me, she won't let me in. She's extremely upset about something and is tending to put the blame on Mom."

After 40 hours of labor, Jody receives news that the baby has arrived. She, her family and Brittney welcome the baby to the world.

[AD]"I'm really excited for Jody, and the birth mom and the baby," Brittney says. She holds the newborn and comments how cute he is. She reflects on the day, "The whole adoption thing, being here and relating to my pregnancy, is not necessarily that I think about my pregnancy adoption more, it's that I get to see an actual adoption," she says. "It's been a long three days, but worth it."