Best Christmas Gift Ever

Private Investigator Harold Copus joins the conversation via telephone and gives an update on Eileen's extradition proceeding.

He explains, "Well, one more time, it's continued to be delayed. They had a court session that we attended in London. They put that off until one more session until mid-December. At that one, Eileen's attorneys presented some evidence, which is sealed. We probably assume it's some documentation that she claims of abuse, and the judge has set another hearing for January 18."

Dr. Phil thanks Harold for his work.

John received the best Christmas gift of his life " his boys came to visit him in the States.

See the tearful reunion and hear from the boys.

"My father and Jeanette threw a Christmas Eve party," Hayden recounts. "It was amazing. There were all kinds of different people there, and everybody was greeting us with, ‘Welcome home,' and ‘We've been praying for you for all these years.'

"There were so many people in the house. It was packed," Chandler says. "Luckily, it was an awesome day."

[AD]"It's been terrific," John says. "This is like the foundation that we're building, and we'll just walk real slow, and we'll get to know each other day by day."

"In the legal sense, I was a victim of a parental abduction," Hayden says. "It was an incredibly difficult thing to face."

"All of us have kind of agreed to look forward and not to obsess over 'if I had done this' or ‘if I had done that,'" Chandler says.

"Even though the bond was separated for so long, it's still there," John says, with a tear rolling down his cheek. "Now, it's harder, because they're going back," he says sadly. "And I know they need to go home."

Chandler and Hayden will be heading home to London immediately after the show. But first, they sit down with Dr. Phil, their father and stepmother.

Hayden tells Dr. Phil that the past few weeks getting to know his father has been incredible. "It's overwhelming. I keep trying to pinch myself, thinking I'm going to wake up," he says.

"It's been an amazing few weeks," Chandler agrees.

"How much did you think about this guy over the years?" Dr. Phil asks.

Hayden says in the beginning years away from their dad, he thought about him a lot, but as young as they were, it was difficult to process. As they became teenagers, he says, "I think I speak for all my siblings: We just kind of blacked it out."

Chandler agrees. "When you're in a situation like this, as a child, it's shocking. And then you know, you grow up, you live in a different country, you have grades, and girlfriends and life just kind of moved on, and other people just kind of get left behind. You put it in the back of your head," he says.

"Think back to when you first left," Dr. Phil says. "What were you told? Because every day you see your dad, and then one day you wake up and he's not there " ever again. What were you told?"

"The same thing that was in the note," Chandler says.

[AD]"We were told they were getting divorced, that's all I really remember, and we were going away for a little bit," Hayden says.

Dr. Phil asks them if there was ever a time, maybe as teenagers, when they got mad for whatever reason and thought, "I'm going to find my dad."

"There have always been moments where that's in the back of your mind," Hayden says, "but if I had made contact, say, 10 years ago, I would've theoretically put my own mother in a prison cell. And that's just an incredibly difficult thing to do. I think most people would understand that, and that's the dilemma that we were constantly presented with."

"Do you think she should be in jail?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Obviously, you would like to see a peaceful resolution," Chandler says. "We still love her, obviously, so you don't want to see the people you love hurt, but as time goes on, we've also learned how much it hurt him as well " and us " so obviously, you don't want to see the people you love suffer, but it's a really complicated situation."

Regarding the allegations of abuse and any negative portrayal of their father that they may have been told, Hayden says he knew they didn't match his memories of his father.

"How did y'all know that your mother was on the FBI's Most Wanted list?" Dr. Phil asks.

Hayden explains that he was always aware that there were legal ramifications for their situation. "By the time I was 13, I had constant access to the Internet, and there were always the files " like that," he says, pointing to their childhood photos on the FBI poster. "That's always been up there."

"So, you would look at that, and you would know, ‘That's me'?"

[AD]"Yeah, and a few times friends would too," he says with a laugh. He says he would try to explain it in the most civil way possible and under-exaggerate, so no one made a big fuss about it.

Dr. Phil is dumbfounded that no one ever reported them until a nurse overheard Hayden's offhanded comment to his roommate when he was in the hospital for a heart operation. Hayden apparently told his roommate, "It could be worse; you could be wanted by the FBI," and a nurse investigated.

Hayden says he doesn't remember making the comment, because he was about to undergo surgery, but he's glad it happened.

Chandler wrote a song and recorded it with Jeanette while they were visiting his father. It is called "When the Lamps Expire" and is available on iTunes.

Hear a portion of Chandler's song.

Dr. Phil asks Chandler and Hayden about their sister, Rebekah.

Hayden says his sister has no memories of her father, so it must be overwhelming for her to think of spending time with a stranger. They think after they share their experience meeting their father that she will come around.

John says he has two pieces of the puzzle, and he looks forward to that third piece, but acknowledges that it may take some time.

Dr. Phil reminds him that their relationship has to be built slowly. "You understand that right now, you are a stranger who is a threat to her mother, so it's hard for her to sort all of that out," he says.

[AD]John has to say goodbye to his sons very soon and says it makes him emotional. "I don't want them to go. I love them. Fifteen years have gone by. I've spent two weeks with them. I want them to stay, but I do understand that they have to go home," he says.

"The channel is open, and there are many more chapters to be written," Dr. Phil assures him.