Advice for Protecting Your Child

"Shocking as this is, we have had two happy ending stories about this today," says Dr. Phil.

"I want you to know that 14 percent of sexual offenders are strangers. Now, when it's under 12, nearly half are family members or people who are known to the child, so it is sometimes a dis-service to focus on strangers.

"You know, abusers that are around the child groom them. Strangers will bribe them, trick them, use treats, flattery, ask for help, and your job is to prepare them. You need to let children know you can't tell good people from bad people just by their looks, and the best protection that any child can ever have is self-protection. And in both of these situations families had very responsibly talked to their children about strangers, but they were in a situation where it was kind of endorsed by the school, and so the child felt like they were complying.

"If you want your child to be safe, teach them to self-protect. Teach them by role-playing. You know, children, if you tell them to scream, you tell them what to say, when it comes time, they can choke, they can get nervous and not do it. So what you have to do is actually role-play the situation. Get out in the yard with them, say, 'I've lost my puppy. Can you help me?' And teach them it's OK to say no. Teach them it's OK to yell.

"Amber Alerts do work. I'm sorry that we have to have them. In 2006 there were 261 Amber Alerts for 316 children. Now, there were 214 kids who were recovered and 9 were deceased. So, it happens."

Dr. Phil continues, "One of the things that people, particularly in the city, have gone to are these little GPS units that you can put on your child's person. You can put them in their backpack, their lunchbox, their pocket. This is a Gemini Tracking Child GPS locating device so that you can help locate a child who is lost or has been abducted. They use them for elderly people, they use them for pets " anything to bring them home safely. And you have total control through a Web-based password, and it's a protected control panel that puts you in command of your tracker.

"You sign up for the service, kind of like you do with a cell phone, and you just call from your cell and in moments you receive a message with the full address of the tracker's current location!"


He offers a tracker to both Latoia and Natasha, and reveals that everyone on his studio audience will receive a gift voucher for a tracker of their own, valued at $300. If you want your own Gemini Tracking GPS, visit