Against All Odds: Lutheran Family Services

Providing Hope
"Lutheran Family Services is a faith-based agency that walks with the vulnerable in the areas of foster care and adoption. These are children who
have been battered, bruised and emotionally scarred," says Doyle Lott, director of community relations and special events for the organization. He explains that the organization offers a Child Enrichment Fund but it was depleted, and they were not able to provide the children with extras like music
, drama and sports. Their fate changed two years ago. "I received a phone call from The Dr. Phil Foundation. We were thrilled when we heard we were going to receive a $20,000 grant and wanted to make sure we used it properly. Over the past year, we were able to help 109 children get involved in special events, music, drama and sports."

Gabriel is a young boy who has benefited from the grant. "Gabriel has a disease that's called Epidermolysis Bullosa. He's missing the genes that
bond his skin layers together," says Georgia, Gabriel's foster mother. He has to be bandaged from head to toe because his skin blisters and will just fall off. "With this music therapy, it just helps him to be able to do things like normal kids. It brings out his personality and
his spirit."

"Gabriel has blossomed into this little boy who is now this bright effervescence of enthusiasm for life. When he came to us, he was hurting because nobody wanted this damaged baby," Doyle adds.
Tania is another child who has flourished with music therapy.

"We got Tania when she was 22-months-old. She was one pound, five ounces when she was born and had a traumatic brain injury," says Cheyenne, Tania's adoptive mother.

"She was coming to us blind, was told that she would never be able to talk and probably would never walk," Doyle recalls.

"When Dr. Phil gave the money, the first thing I thought of was music therapy for Tania, how wonderful it would be for her," Cheyenne says. "Tania said her first word in music therapy at 3 and 1/2 years old. It brought tears to
my eyes. Today, she can walk and run. She's doing all the things that everyone told us that she would never do."

The Dr. Phil Foundation donation has also given children access to sports. "I got to go to wrestling," says Joseph. "I learned sportsmanship."

"Another situation was Rogan and his brothers. All they wanted to do was play soccer," Doyle remembers. "The Dr. Phil Foundation, once
again, helped these kids find their own unique athletic ability on that soccer field." He points out that the need for money continues to grow as more children pass through the halls of his organization. "We'd love to be able to get that Child Enrichment Fund refilled," Doyle says. "Thank you, Dr. Phil, for everything you've done to help us here at Lutheran Family Services."

"It's amazing how many kids were touched by our original grant to Lutheran Family Services," Dr. Phil says. "They know how to put the money to good use, and we believe in the work they're doing."


"On behalf of The Dr. Phil Foundation, we would like to give another $20,000 to Lutheran Family Services of Colorado," Robin adds.

"Thank you so much," Doyle says with a smile.

For more information on how you can help, visit The Dr. Phil Foundation.