Against All Odds: Tyerra

Dreams Become Reality
"Being on Dr. Phil was the best day of my life," says Tyerra. "With all the pressures of life, I had little hope for my future."

After Tyerra's father died, her mother was diagnosed as bipolar and schizophrenic. "I took on the role of parent to both my younger brothers and my younger sister, as well as continuing to ca
re for my own daughter," she says. "When I was on the Dr. Phil show, he blessed me with a wonderful car, blessed me with a wonderful scholarship to go to school and blessed me with $15,000 to pay my bills for a year, which was such a tremendous help."

Since appearing on the show, Tyerra has become a certified medical assistant. "I
graduated from school at the top of my class, and as a result of that, I was awarded another full scholarship to go back to school to become a licensed vocational nurse," she shares with tears in her eyes.

With all her joy, Tyerra also experienced pain. "My grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. Now that my grandmother has passed, I have all these kids to take care of and all these little lives in my hand. My fear is that I won't be able to provide for my brothers and sisters or my kids," she says.

"You've done some important work since you've been here," Dr. Phil says to Tyerra. "You won the first ever Dream Award for students there. Tell me about that."

"That was an honor," she says. "The qualifications are to be a graduate, a dreamer and a role model." She adds that she decided to return to school to get a nursing degree, but when her grandmother got sick, she put her education on hold to help take care of her. "The wonderful car got us to the chemo and all of the radiation treatments," she says. Unfortunately, her grandmother passed away 10 days before this show.


Dr. Phil mentions that last time Tyerra was on the show, she was given a trip for her and her siblings to go to New Yo

rk to visit their father's grave site. "You never took that trip," he says.

"I didn't want to be selfish and go without everybody," she says.

"I understand, but you need to go," Dr. Phil says. "We're going to give you that opportunity again." will provide round-trip airfare and a three-night hotel stay for her and her six family members.


Robin adds that Merry Maids is donating a year's worth of house cleaning to Tyerra, and Dream Dinners is donating a year's supply of dinners for her and her family. On behalf of The Dr. Phil Foundation, Aflac is giving Tyerra $15,000 so she can finish her education and have money to support her family.

Tyerra can barely catch her breath. "Thank you guys so very much," she says.