Aging Gracefully With Robin: Celebrities

Aging Gracefully With Robin: Celebrities
Robin talks to celebrities about their beauty secrets and aging gracefully.
Staying healthy is one of Robin's biggest passions. Recently, she sat down with celebrities Mimi Rogers, Bernadette Peters, Olivia Newton John and Cher to talk about aging gracefully.

Telling Mimi Rogers that she is a beautiful example of a woman who
has aged with grace, Robin asks, "Do you worry at all about getting older?"

"Not really," Mimi replies. "I think age truly is a state of mind. I feel like a kid."

To Olivia Newton-John, Robin asks, "What kind of beauty secrets have you learned throughout your life that have paid off for you?"

"My mom every night would moisturize and she always told me, "'Darling, use moisturizer every night and every day.' She stayed out of the sun."

Olivia has also passed down her beauty secrets to her 18-year-old daughter. "No matter how tired you are, you've got to take off your makeup, wash your face and put some kind of moisturizer on. I've tried to encourage that," she says.
Bernadette Peters reveals her secret for staying young at heart. "If there's one thing I could tell young women, it's not to wait until you're 80 years old to realize that you've lived a good life and you were a good person."

Robin reveals that losing her mother to a heart attack at the age of 57 made her value her own health more. "It was a life-changing moment for me, but I made a decision that day to take care of myself," she says.
Cher tells Robin that she was unprepared to age. "I was talking to my mom the other day and I said, 'You live your life a certain way for such a long time, and no one tells you, 'Look out for the cliff!'" she says. "I wasn't prepared for it. I don't like it."

"Getting older, it does take a toll on your body and your mind," Robin points out.

"I'm in a business that doesn't give you any kind of great gifts for growing older gracefully," Cher says. "It doesn't give you anything, except no work."
"Do you feel like as you've aged, you've enhanced your sex appeal or lost it?" Robin asks Mimi.

Mimi replies, "I think I've enhanced it."

When Robin questions what makes Mimi feel sexy, she answers, "It's a combination of the fact that my husband still thinks I'm hot and these young bucks in their 20s are hitting on me."

Olivia tells Robin that she likes being the age she is. "I feel more comfortable in my own skin," she says.

"I am so glad to hear that because that's exactly the way I feel," Robin says. "I hear a lot of women just dread turning 30."

Mimi admits that she was ambivalent about growing older. "When I turned 29, it was like, 'Wow, this is it.' It was the last year of being under 30."

"Now is that because you thought your 20s were great, or is that because you feared 30, 40, 50?" Robin probes.

Mimi responds, "It was just sort of not the end of youth, but the end of being really young."
Mimi shares her secrets for beautiful skin. "There's an aloe vera liquid that purifies and detoxifies from the inside out," she reveals. She also stresses the importance of wearing sunscreen. "I have a daughter and she's turning 10. We have this constant battle about sunscreen. I'll say to her, 'How do you think people get wrinkles? It's from sun damage.' I've had two basal cell carcinomas ... I've been very fortunate, but I'm incredibly careful."

Robin asks Bernadette, "What do you think are some of the most important points you can give to a woman in her 20s about aging?"

"Not going in the sun," she replies. "We have a home in Florida and I have been known to be seen carrying a parasol."

Back on stage, Robin explains that the sun is responsible for 85 percent of skin damage. She surprises the audience with her favorite sunscreen, Solar Screen from Leaf & Rusher.
Diet also plays a big part aging gracefully.

"I've cut out dairy and wheat and corn," Olivia admits. "Other friends in Australia would come home and their parents would have lovely sandwiches and cakes and stuff. My mom would have rye bread and fruit. Now I'm glad because she taught me good eating habits."

Bernadette avoids alcohol and says, "I eat eggs and fish and chicken, things like that and a lot of salads."

Mimi's diet is more lax. "There's nothing that's off limits. But I'm not going to eat pizza five times a week," she says.

Robin stresses the importance of staying hydrated. "I go to bed at night and sit a bottle of water on my nightstand. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I will try to drink that whole bottle of water," she says.