Aging Gracefully With Robin: Cindi

Aging Gracefully With Robin: Cindi
Robin discusses the healing benefits of aloe, including how her sister Cindy healed her scars using it.
Three years ago, Robin's sister, Cindi, was the victim of a random act of violence that she is still recovering from today. While heading to the airport with a friend, an attacker dropped a vat of acid on her car, almost killing her.

Cindi has improved greatly since that fateful day, especially with the help of Dream Valley aloe vera products that Robin recommended. "She thought it would be really good for my scars. Twice a day, I use this Aloe
Treat on the scars on my arm. I have noticed such a difference since I started using it," Cindi says, showing off her arm.

"My other favorite product is the Aloe Power. I mix it with Gatorade every morning and drink it before I go to work. I'm sleeping better and it gives me more energy. Robin, if it wasn't for your wonderful suggestion to use these aloe products, I wouldn't feel as good as I do now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
The aloe that Cindi uses comes from Dream Valley Farm, which is run by 85-year-old Edna Hennessee. "I believe aloe is the key to aging gracefully," Edna states. "I've been using aloe for 44 years. I use it to drink, for pain inhibitors, for burns or sores. I use it for everything."

Edna always wanted to get into the cosmetic business, but she didn't have any money. By washing clothes at night, she earned $300 to open a small retail store.

Edna gives Janet a tour of Dream Valley Farm. "The farm is 160 acres. We have 60 commercial greenhouses. We grow aloe hydroponically. It's completely free of any pesticides or bacteria, any contamination," she explains.

Janet, who uses Edna's products for her business, says, "Our aloe drink is sort of our first step to health and wellness. We believe that beauty starts on the inside," she says.

According to Edna, some of the conditions aloe vera can treat are: blisters, burns, dandruff, stretch marks, dish pan hands, bruises and aches and pains. "We make probably 500 different products," she says.
"Six years ago, Edna was in a massive car wreck. They told her she would never walk again," Robin explains.

Edna recalls, "The doctor asked my family, 'How old is your mother?' They said 79. He said, 'Her bones are like a 40-year-old's. I can't imagine them not being brittle.'"

"You feel pretty good?" Dr. Phil asks Edna.

"I feel great! I work every day," she says.

Robin has another surprise for the audience. "Janet, who gets all of her aloe from Edna is giving everyone in the audience her aloe power drink, the Aloe Treat and an aloe eye cream," she says. "You can find Janet at the Skin Rejuvenation Center in Beverly Hills, and thanks to her partner Thom Fleming. Great work you two!"