Aging Gracefully With Robin: Lindsey

Aging Gracefully With Robin: Lindsey
Dr. Phil talks to 21-year-old woman who already fears wrinkles and is considering cosmetic surgery.
Lindsey is only 21, but she's already obsessed with aging and has considered cosmetic surgery. She writes:

Dear Dr. Phil,

The thought of getting old makes me sick to my stomach. I worry about wrinkles and losing my youthful glow. My mother never fully accepted the aging process, which might be why I'm having problems. I also have a great aunt in her 90s. Her friends have all died and she's all alone. Who wants to grow old if that's what the outcome is going to be? I already use an anti-aging cream and even think about Botox. I know it's important to accept who you are, but when it comes to dating, it's not so easy. The older I get, the more I find that men my age are already married. With fewer and fewer single men, who'll be left for me? I'm scared when I think that in only nine years, I'll be 30. And in another 21 years, I'll be 42. Dr. Phil, I worry too much about getting old. Can you help me change my thinking?
"The only thing that made sense to me out of that piece was your math was right," Dr. Phil jokes. "Why do you think you're obsessed about this at age 21. You're saying at your age, all the good guys are gone. What do you mean at your age? You had stuffed animals on your bed 36 months ago!" he teases. "Now you're saying, 'It's all over for me.'"

Lindsey explains, "Probably because a lot of people think I'm older than I really am. When I was 16, people thought I was 21. And now people think I'm older than 21."

Dr. Phil points out that Lindsey's mother has also had problems adjusting to the aging process. "No, she still hasn't, I don't think. She still wants to look young," Lindsey reveals.

"How does she look?" Dr. Phil asks.

"She looks really good," Lindsey says.

"Good answer," Dr. Phil teases.
"Do you think that people who are 40 and 50 look really bad?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I don't think a lot of them do," she replies. When Robin gives her a look of mock surprise, Lindsey clarifies: "I think she looks great."

"But she's 50," Dr. Phil stresses.

Robin talks about how it's better to take care of yourself early in life and maintain that lifestyle rather than trying to reverse it. "That's when I started close to your age. I just decided right then, I'm going to take care of myself and do everything I can to look my best and feel my best," she tells Lindsey.