Workout Woes
Dr. Phil talks to Jeff, who owns the only gym in Elgin and weighs over 300 pounds.

Jeff and Ladelle own the Mainstreet Gym, and both admit that they don't use it enough themselves. "We thought that Elgin needed a gym because there is no gym in Elgin," Jeff says. "The gym business in Elgin right now is wait and see."


Ladelle agrees. "If we don't get the membership up, we might not be able to keep it open. That would be a loss for Elgin," she says.

Jeff weighs over 300 pounds and wants to start working out more. He has agreed to give Elgin's Weight Loss Challengers a two-for-one membership.

"Why don't you work out?" Dr. Phil asks Jeff. "You're there and it's available to you. What are you doing instead of working out?"

"There's a whole lot of things I need to change in my life that will allow me to use the gym," Jeff answers. "My job, and we have four teenagers. I'm not setting aside the time that it takes to work out."

Dr. Phil tells Jeff he has a surprise to help the only gym in Elgin to kickstart the Weight Loss Challenge. "Precor has offered to donate a treadmill, a stationary bike and an elliptical machine to the Mainstreet Gym," Dr. Phil says. "We want to get everything started down there so everybody can have a chance to work out."

Looking at Jeff and Jim, the city manager, Dr. Phil issues a challenge. "When both of you have lost 50 pounds, I'll be sure that Precor sends you another set for the town," he says.