A Teen in Turmoil
Dr. Phil takes talks to Miranda about how being an overweight teen is affecting her life.
Miranda is 17 and weighs 227 pounds. She desperately wants to lose weight, get a boyfriend and be healthier. "When I look at myself in the mirror, I'm like, 'Ugh, this is nasty.' I want the weight to be gone," she says.

Her dad, Randy, uses a deep fryer every time he cooks for the family. "We deep fry breakfast, lunch and dinner," he says.

It's also hard for Miranda to lose weight because she works at Sonic, a fast-food restaurant. "Every day after school, I go to Sonic. A couple of hours later, I'll be eating some chips, and then another hour later, I'm eating dinner," she reveals.

Miranda's mother, Pam, supports her. "I think the Weight Loss Challenge may be the fire under her feet to get her going," she says.

Randy is ambivalent. "It's going to be tougher for her because she's lazy," he says.

Miranda says she'll do whatever it takes to drop the pounds. "I'm tired of my weight because I'm ready for a relationship," she says, noting that she doesn't expect to get asked to the prom. "I want to be healthy. I'm just ready to be the whole package."
When Dr. Phil asks if Miranda's weight holds her back from doing the things she wants, she replies, "Yeah. I feel like my relationship with guys, that's something my weight is holding me back from."

"What do you want for your daughter?" Dr. Phil asks Randy.

"It's health issues for one thing," Randy replies. "When you look at somebody who's big, in my opinion, I kind of shy away from those people, and I'm a big guy."

Pam says that she supports Miranda's efforts to lose weight. "We're all doing it," she says.

Dr. Phil encourages Randy to get rid of his deep fryer. "If it's something you want, it's something you can have and do."
Dr. Phil has a message for Miranda from Whitney, one of the Teen Weight Loss Challengers.

"I just celebrated my 18th birthday, and thanks to Jay's book, The Ultimate Weight Solution for Teens, I'm 53 pounds lighter," Whitney reports. "Jay and his book were great inspirations. I will be checking in on you, Miranda, and offering you support because I am proof that every teenager who wants to lose weight can do it."
Dr. Phil tells Miranda that he has seven keys for losing weight and keeping it off. "It's not about going on a diet. You can't be overweight if you don't have a lifestyle to support it," he stresses. "What are the biggest things you've got to change?"

"Fried foods, especially," Miranda replies, telling Dr. Phil that she eats fast food about three to four times a week.

"You've got to change your thinking. You've got to change the fact that you eat emotionally," Dr. Phil explains. "You've got to exercise in a consistent way. Are you willing to do that?"

"I'm willing. I'm ready," Miranda assures him.