Audience Regrets
Dr. Phil sent comedian Kathleen Madigan to the Hollywood Farmer's Market to find out what things people thought they were ready for but later regretted.
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Back in his studio, Dr. Phil turns to Kathleen. "You said you talked to some people who said they had no regrets," he notes.
"Yes, which I found astonishing," she replies. "I can think of things in the last 38 hours that I would like to undo. I mean, when I was 25, did I need to shoot tequila and try to ride a pony?"
Dr. Phil's audience members wave paddles inscribed with decisions they're facing. Kathleen approaches an older woman wearing a pink jacket. "Am I ready to get a young husband?" Kathleen reads.
"I should have put rich too," the lady quips.
[AD]Dr. Phil turns to another woman in the audience. "This lady says, "Am I ready to meet my crush?" he observes.
"Who is your crush?" Kathleen asks.
Looking toward the stage, the woman says sheepishly, "Dr. Phil!"
"What is it that makes him your crush?" Kathleen probes.
"It's the lack of hair," the woman replies. "I'm just crazy about Dr. Phil."
Dr. Phil invites the woman onstage for a hug. She throws down her paddle and races up to him.
Dr. Phil addresses another audience member, Rosa, who says her friend's boyfriend was unfaithful. "How do you know that he cheated on your friend?" he asks.
Rosa explains that she was living in Dallas, her friend lived in Vegas, and the boyfriend lived in Oklahoma. "I actually visited him in Oklahoma," she says.
"Did you sleep with him?" Dr. Phil inquires.
"We had fun," she replies with a coy smile.
"OK, so that's how you knew he was cheating, because you were with him," Dr. Phil muses. "You didn't know her at all."
"I had no idea she existed," Rosa says.
Dr. Phil wants to get the facts straight. "You're telling me that you're kicking around up in Oklahoma with some old boy, and then you move to L.A. and out of what, 17 million people in Southern California, you just happen to become friends with her and figure out that she had a boyfriend in Oklahoma at the time you were 'having fun' with him, and you just met her on a fluke?"[AD]
"It's a small world," Rosa says.
"It isn't that small. Something's not right here," Dr. Phil says. "How long have you known her?"
"I've known her for about two-and-a-half months."
Dr. Phil offers a solution. "I think you ought to have a dinner party and have them all over there, and just somewhere between soup and nuts, I think I would say, 'Is there anything here we ought to chat about?'" he says. "I would talk to him about this, and then I would talk to her about it."