Baby Dilemmas: Jennifer

Identity Crisis
Dr. Phil talks to Jennifer who just gave birth to sextuplets and wants advice on preserving her children's identities as they grow up.
Jennifer recently gave birth to sextuplets. She is concerned that her children will have a hard time trying to preserve their unique identities as they grow up.

"I'm really worried that they're going to always feel that they have to be part of a group and not ever have their own individual personalities," she says. "We don't want them to always just be known as sextuplets." She asks Dr. Phil, "Can you help us?"

After congratulating Jennifer, Dr. Phil advises, "One of the best tools you can use is to make certain that as the children grow, you have something unique and special that you do with each one of the kids, that you don't do with each of the

other children," Dr. Phil explains. For example, Jennifer might take one child to a special place that the other children don't go to, or there might be a different activity that she shares with each child, whether it be music or reading.

"It doesn't have to be a daily thing necessarily," he says, "but it's something that makes them unique and special. You have to have a discreet, closed relationship with each one of those children. They'll share a lot of things. Give them one or two things that they don't share with anyone. It helps them feel individual."