Beauty Queen Hits Rock Bottom: Intervention

The Intervention
As the intervention gets underway, Debbie and Brandon follow Ann as she drives to pick up Jenna. “I think Ann’s being a little dishonest,” Brandon says. “I think Jenna might have manipulated her this morning.”

Debbie and Brandon arrive back at Ann’s house before Ann and Jenna. When Jenna walks in, Brandon introduces himself and tells her why he’s there. She appears to be receptive and agrees to meet with Dr. Phil. “I need help because I’m not able to get by this stuff on my own,” Jenna says. “I’m ready to be ready.”

[AD]During the intervention, Jenna tells everyone she is clean and isn't going through withdrawal, but Debbie and Brandon don’t believe her.

“Yesterday, I saw the tremor in her hand,” Debbie says. “Her mother tried to minimize, rationalize, deny that it’s related to the drug abuse. She believes that she has some form of Parkinson’s, and so I just question that.”

Debbie and Brandon meet with Jenna the next day. She says that she has constant shakes and reveals that she last took drugs a week prior, including shooting up meth, heroin and cocaine. Debbie points out that Jenna’s tremors have increased since the previous day.

Dr. Phil meets with Debbie, Brandon and a representative from Origins Recovery Centers. After getting their take on the situation, he sits down with Jenna and asks her tough questions.

Dr. Phil asks Jenna to describe herself.

“I’m a loving, caring, beautiful person inside and out, and I deserve all the good things happening in my life,” she says.

[AD]“You gave me a very safe answer, which tells me you are highly, highly manipulative,” Dr. Phil says to her. “You’re smart, you’re attractive, and you’re manipulative. How have you been to rehab five times and you’ve never gotten genuine traction?”

“I’ve never really tried,” she says, explaining that she used undetectable drugs while in rehab.

Will Jenna commit to getting sober this time?In studio, Ann fights back tears and says, “I have a lot of work to do on myself, and I know that I better do this, or she will continue to have problems.”

“I don’t think it has become real to you that, in my view, she does this, or you pick out a coffin. There’s no middle ground here. She’s going to overdose or be killed.”

Ann fights back tears.

“You have to completely change your position,” Dr. Phil tells her.

[AD]Dr. Phil introduces Dr. Frank Lawlis chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board and asks him, “What’s your assessment [of Jenna]?”

“Her brain is highly toxic. She is basically a walking set of chemicals in her body, and it really has no capacity, whatsoever, to make choices at this time,” he tells Ann, adding that it usually takes the brain two years to heal itself to be a responsible adult.