Worth a Second Chance?

Dr. Phil turns to Alicia. "If, God forbid, Michelle left here today, and there was a horrible accident on the freeway, and she was killed, and you never, ever saw her again, do you believe that you would've wished that you had found the strength to give her a second chance in your life?"

"I don't know, because I'm still very upset with what happened. I'm angry," she stresses.

Dr. Phil asks the siblings to stand up and face one another.

Alicia and Michelle participate in an exercise.


Dr. Phil tells Alicia, "When you have anger and bitterness in your heart, it changes who you are, because you put a wall up around you. Not just with her. She may be the one who delivered the bomb, but you spend the rest of your life with your arms up, protecting yourself, and your children get cheated out of 100 percent of their mother. If you choose to harbor that anger and resentment toward her, then you give that situation that you have moved on from, power to dominate your life. She made a stupid mistake. No question about it, it was stupid. And I'm not trying to minimize or trivialize this at all." Dr. Phil bends down to Alicia's level. "But he was a snake," he says.

[AD]"Mm-hm," she agrees. 

"I'm not saying you should thank her for outing him, but let's put it in perspective. It does take two to tango, and she made a really bad decision, and I'm so glad you found out then instead of now," he says. "And that doesn't make it OK. I'm not trying to make it OK, but we do need to put things in perspective. People commit murder and don't get a life sentence. You think what happened here, in this moment of drunken passion, would be worthy of a life sentence?"

"No," Alicia admits.

"So, then the question becomes not if she gets paroled, but when? You've got to let her create a new history here. And you trust yourself to say, ‘You know what? Dr. Phil's right. I survived this. I bounced back and married a wonderful man, and this is a risk I can afford to take, and you're worth the risk " because despite your bad choices, not just in this, but in other things in your life, you are my sister.' She's here today, on national television, knowing that she's the one who did the bad thing, and she was willing to do this to have a chance to connect with you. That's a really good faith effort on her part. Trust yourself enough to take the chance. That's all I'm asking. Will you do that?"

Hesitantly, she says, "Yes."

"Tell her."

[AD]"I will trust myself to take the chance of slowly building a relationship and forgiving you," she tells her sister.

Dr. Phil tells Michelle, "And I think that's a pretty mature and magnanimous gesture on her part, given what's happened here."

"Yes, it is," she says.