Three's a Crowd

"My sister has betrayed me 100 percent," says Nicole, 30.

"My sister hates my fiancé, Nick, and because of that, she hates me now," says Amanda, 27.

"He's rude, inconsiderate. He has to wear designer clothes and think that he's something that he's not," Nicole says.

"My sister would call my fiancé a lowlife, a loser, he'll never amount to anything, and she's called him all sorts of vulgar names."

"He doesn't even have a house of his own," Nicole says. "The relationship with Nick went so fast, that within a week, he was already living with us, and I was a single mom with three kids staying in one bedroom. I felt disrespected that he would just move in and take over like he owned the place. He literally was eating the food, and I was helping pay the bills. He was taking advantage of the situation. He was definitely mooching off my sister. My sister does this a lot with the men that she meets. They move in, and they take priority over our relationship. I don't trust Nick. I feel he's a shady guy. I found out later that Nick even had a gun in the house, and it's definitely not right for a gun to be in the house with children there. He's not a cop. Why does he need a gun? What makes me so upset is the fact that she let this guy come in, and he had nothing to offer. He doesn't even have a pot to * in."

"That's pretty harsh about ol' Nick," Dr. Phil says to Nicole.

"I wouldn't say it's harsh. I say it's reality," Nicole says. She says she didn't know him when he moved in. Although she was grateful for having a place to stay at her sister's, how could she live in a house with a man she hardly knew?

Dr. Phil asks if, as the older sister, she mothers Amanda.

[AD]"I don't think I mother her, no. I'd just like her to learn from the mistakes I've made. I'm a single mom, and I don't want her to end up in the same boat. I feel like he's just taking advantage of who she is, that she's such a giving person," she says.

Dr. Phil says he doesn't understand why Nicole feels betrayed. "It sounds like you're a guest in somebody's house," he says. She may want to inspire her sister to make different choices, but how is that betrayal?

Nicole says she and Nick have had a few large fights, and she feels disrespected by Nick. "I mean, the gun in the house. Seriously? I didn't know about it, and to have that in the house, it's just not right for me not to know."

"My sister's temper tantrums and outbursts make me believe she is jealous of me," Amanda says in a previous interview. "Nicole screams and yells all the time. She screams at her kids, she screams around my kid. I wonder if Nicole has anger and resentment toward me because I've done so many things with my life. I've traveled all over the world, done commercials, modeling, and Nicole chose not to do that when she got pregnant when she was 17. She has three children. She's not married. I think my sister hates Nick because she's jealous of the relationship he and I have together."

Amanda joins the conversation onstage. She acknowledges that her relationship with Nick moved quickly, but she says that Nick didn't move in until after Nicole moved out. He just spent a lot of nights there. "He didn't even have a key to the house until after she was gone," she says.

Dr. Phil is puzzled over this sister dynamic.


Dr. Phil asks Nicole, "How does this rise to the level of betrayal? You just don't like her choices."

Nicole explains that because she and Nick don't get along, she can't go to any family events if Nick is there, because he won't feel comfortable.

"Why does she need his permission to come be with you?" Dr. Phil asks Amanda.

[AD]"We're getting married. We have a daughter, I consider his stuff my stuff, and my stuff his stuff, so it's our home," she says. "And, of course, he's OK with her coming into our household."

"Are your expectations too much here? Do you expect her to clear this with you?" Dr. Phil asks Nicole.

"Yes, she should have told me, ‘He's going to be staying here often,' and ‘There's a gun in the home.' That's it," Nicole says. 

Amanda clarifies that the gun wasn't in her home until after Nicole moved out.

In a previous interview, Nick gives his side of the story: "Nicole acts like a child. For some reason, she has chosen me to be her target. I'm not going to let Nicole's petty little words get to me. Nicole hates me for some reason and now she's taking it out on Amanda. If you have a problem with someone, you should just be able to come and talk to them, instead of cursing, and using children as pawns and keeping them away from Amanda. What bothers me the most about Nicole is the way that she belittles me, and doesn't know how to deal with her anger, and her language, the profanities she uses. It doesn't matter who's around. I do not want her around my daughter, so I told her just to not even come around anymore," he says. 

Nick joins the conversation onstage. "I have a problem with the things she's said to me, but other than that, I don't have a problem with her," he tells Dr. Phil.

[AD]Dr. Phil asks about Nick and Amanda's relationship. They are engaged to be married and are building their family. Although they've only known each other for a year and five months, they are happy.

Dr. Phil tells Nicole to adjust her expectations.


He recommends she try not to take Amanda's decisions personally. He also urges both sisters to not involve their children in their dispute and allow the kids to spend time with extended family.