Brandon Intervention: Three Brothers: Tara, Kaila, Jeff, Brandon, Debbie

Where Are They Now?

"You've been doing some hard work," Dr. Phil tells Brandon and Debbie. He tells Brandon it's always good to see him clean and sober after his tumultuous journey with addiction.

Dr. Phil says addicts always want to run when they realize it's an intervention. He explains that one of the first things you want to do in an intervention is get the situation as calm as you can as quick as you can. Physical confrontation should be avoided as much as you can, because that's when people get hurt.

"Remember, in the back of that addict's mind, there's that little voice that says they want help," Dr. Phil says.

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Dr. Phil tells Kaila and Tara that Jordan has the opportunity for help if he chooses it. Jeff says he thinks Jordan will eventually come around.

Dr. Phil says he's wondering about the family environment that Logan and Sean will come home to after treatment. "Family dynamic-wise, I'm looking at this, and I'm wondering where are the mother and father here?" he asks.

Tara explains that their mother knew of the plan from the start, but when she learned that they'd be receiving help from Dr. Phil, Brandon and Debbie, she refused to participate. "But if you notice, Sean knew who we were. We would probably have been able to obtain Jordan if she had not told them," she says. "She tipped Sean off, who tipped Jordan off."

[AD]"Did you ask her why she would do that?" Dr. Phil asks.

"She won't give me an answer," Tara says.

"We're bringing reinforcements into your town to try to provide life-saving treatment for her children, and she sabotages that?" he asks, incredulous.

"Right," she says.

Sean's father is deceased. Logan and Jordan's father works a lot and was unable to participate in the intervention, although Tara explains that he did show up for a preparation meeting beforehand.

Dr. Phil says there is a cycle of addiction in their family: Sean introduced Jeff to crystal meth when he was 13. Jeff went on to introduce marijuana to Jordan. And then Jordan got Kaila high on marijuana and shot her up with heroin the first time. Tara says she tried drugs as a teen, but has no addiction history like her siblings.

"The history has been very incestuous, as far as passing drugs back and forth, and that's why you heard Brandon say that we didn't want two out of the three; we wanted three out of the three," Dr. Phil says. "Because this would be the first time, if we can get Jordan involved in treatment, this would be the first time that all six siblings were clean and sober at the same time."

Kaila says it's going to be hard to convince Jordan. "He has a pretty good set up in his mind right now," she says.

Jeff is worried Jordan will die before he gets help. He says he's seen him with his entire arm swollen from his injections.

Tara worries her mother will enable Sean when he gets out of treatment.

Jeff agrees. "That's her baby boy," he says.

"At some point, we're going to have to have a conversation with her about this," Dr. Phil says. "I mean, you guys are going to have to be our eyes, and ears and our soldiers in the field, but I want to talk to your mother. I want her to know that when she chooses this behavior, she just might as well be putting a needle in the arm. She's got to at least have an awareness that if she does things like enabling, supporting, giving money, whatever it may be, that that's not an act of love; that's an act of sabotage."

[AD]Anissa went to the Pat Moore Foundation, Sean went to Jolimar Recovery Center and Logan is in treatment at Origins Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centers.

At the end of the show, Dr. Phil says, "We are not giving up on helping Jordan."