Brandon's Family Follow-up: Final Comments

Final Comments
Dr. Phil follows up with Brandon and his family on the dramatic journey from drug addiction to recovery.After the show, Dr. Phil comes back out on stage to talk with the guests and the audience. He asks Brandon and his family if they have anything else they'd like to say.

"I want to know more about the security system," says Doug. "Because this is fairly new to me and I've got two other kids that probably know the secret and I don't yet know it."

Dr. Phil asks Brandon's younger brother, Bobby, how he feels about Brandon giving away all the secrets about how he tricked their alarm system and got out of the house at night undetected.

"Oh, I've never used it," claims Bobby.

Debbie speaks up with her thoughts, "We're so grateful for all the prayers and all the support we've received from everyone. And it feels really good to be in this skin today compared to four months ago."

Dr. Phil reminds her that they still have work to do. "Every day you put behind you is another distance from where you were to where you need to be. But right now that gravitational pull of that world is still very strong and you got to just keep putting one foot in front of the other."

Dr. Phil tells Brandon, "Your greatest enemy right now is impatience."

Brandon wishes to express his gratitude as well. "Thanks to everybody. Thanks to God for giving me this opportunity first of all, and thank you, Dr. Phil for everything you've done. I appreciate it," he says.
Dr. Phil asks Brandon for a homework assignment. "You may think that you've already done this, maybe a bit here and there, but there's one homework assignment I want you to do for me, if you would. And you can choose the time " soon. But I want you to make the appointment with your mother and father, just the three of you in the room, and I want you to sit down and apologize to these people for what you've put them through. Will you do that for me?"

"Yeah," agrees Brandon.

"From the heart, you'll do that for me?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes," says Brandon.