Keeping it Real
Dr. Phil introduces the Braxton sisters: Toni, 45, is a six-time Grammy Award-winning singer and is the oldest sibling. Traci, 40, left the music business and now lives in Maryland with her husband, son and her mother-in-law. Towanda, 38, is married with two children, and is Toni’s assistant. Trina, 36, is a backup singer for Toni, sings in her own band and has marital problems. Tamar, 34, is the baby of the family. She is married to Lady Gaga’s manager and is said to be the family drama queen.

Dr. Phil asks Toni, who is celebrating 20 years in the music industry, why she was hesitant to do the reality show.

“I was uncomfortable with having people in my space,” she confesses. “For me, having cameras follow me around is so invasive.” She says that she sometimes questions whether her sisters are sharing too much about their personal lives. “I’m like, ‘Girls, are we really going to talk about that? Really Trina, you’re going to talk about your infidelity on TV?’”

“Well, you just did,” Dr. Phil quips.

“See, bad sister. Bad sister,” Toni jests.

Toni's sisters join her onstage, and Dr. Phil asks them whether they were worried about the negative impact the reality show could have on their relationships.

“Reality shows force you to deal with your issues,” Towanda replies. 

Dr. Phil asks Toni whether she deals with guilt because of her success, and she says yes.

[AD]“My sisters and I were a group, and we did a showcase for L.A. [Reid] and Babyface, and unfortunately, they had just signed TLC. So, they wanted just a solo artist — they wanted just me,” Toni explains. She said she struggled with moving forward without her sisters, and wondered whether they thought she was leaving them behind. “That’s haunted me.”

How do Toni’s sisters feel about her successful solo career?