Bullies Beware: Kelly Cutrone

Taming the Terrorizer
Dr. Phil introduces PR maven and Dr. Phil special contributor Kelly Cutrone, who is author of the new book Normal Gets You Nowhere.
Watch what happens when Kelly makes a house call to Temica RoShawn!
Kelly joins Dr. Phil onstage. Gesturing to the PR whiz, Dr. Phil asks Temica RoShawn, "Is she not attractive enough for you to be out with?"
"No, I think she's awesome," she answers. "She and I can hang out because, obviously, we're both bullies."
Growing serious, Dr. Phil asks, "Why are you drinking to the point of blacking out?"
"I don't know," she answers after a long pause.
"Tell me about the time in your life when you've been most hurt."
Temica RoShawn falters. "My father disappointed me regularly. That hurt. There were belts involved," she answers. "An actual boyfriend decided that since I wasn't giving him sex, he would just take it. That hurt emotionally and physically."
[AD]"How old were you?"
"I was young, too young to be having sex."
"Did he rape you?"
"Yes, he did."
Kelly chimes in, "Within a few hours of meeting her and speaking to her, I understood there was a sensitive human being underneath who was actually quite smart and quite lovely, and that she was in a constant state of reaction."